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"True creativity is destructive"

Are you creative if you're not making anything new?

Making something from nothing is what creativity was originally about. It was an answer to how the universe began: first, humans believed that God created everything. Then humans reasoned that the universe started as a result of the Big Bang. Creativity is the most "god-like" characteristic that we have.

Creativity is the most "god-like" characteristic that we have.

Creativity today means many things. To Steve Jobs, it was about connecting existing dots to make new ideas. For Seth Godin, it's about recognizing boundaries and breaking rules (not bending them) to solve real problems. For Ryuichi Sakamoto, it's about destroying the old to make way for the new.

Creativity means different things to different people. The key is to find the definition that resonates with you, and to go with it.

Reading List

Here's a selection of books on creativity that have helped me and that I know will help you too :) buying from this list helps us keep our studio and blog running too!



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