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How You Can Stand Out As An Artist

You don't know it yet, but you have a voice. It may not be the "best" singing or writing voice, but you have one and it's yours. It may not be adored by millions (yet) so the trick is to get started with what voice you have, and then to build on it.

No one really ever starts out knowing what they want or what they'll be like - there are a few exceptions to this (Jim Carey, LeBron James) - but most everyone else figures stuff out as they go along.

It's like driving: Even if you were moving forward in what seems to be a straight line, you're always making small adjustments to your steering wheel. You let up on the gas a bit, or you shift to a higher gear for smoother cruising.

The greatest artists take a lifetime to find their voice that makes them uniquely themselves.

Everyone makes these small adjustments that (hopefully) improve what it is they're doing. As a singer / songwriter, your job is to get better at working with what you've got: your voice, your guitar / piano skills, your lyricism.

And this doesn't happen after you take an online course, or after a few years of honing your craft. It may not even happen when you're a decade deep into your recording or studio session musician career. The greatest artists take a lifetime to find their voice that makes them uniquely themselves, and the way they get to it ultimately is through small tweaks, course corrections and changes that are authentic to who they are.

Want to stand out? Get good at being you - everyone else is already taken.

Reading List

Here's a selection of books that have helped me and that I know will help you too :) buying from this list helps us keep our studio and blog running too!


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