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Fender Launches New Player Series Guitars

Fender just announced new vintage offset models in its Player Series line of guitars: the Duo Sonic, Mustang, Mustang 90, and Mustang Bass PJ. All these new models come in colors that are entirely new to the Player Series line including Firemist Gold, Desert Sand, Aged Natural and Burgundy Mist Metallic. Check out the close-ups below:

The Player Series is the current entry point for Fender guitars - models here are a step up from what you'd expect on a Squire instrument, and without the price tag associated with Fender-branded gear.

All guitars mentioned here cost just under US$600, and the Mustang Bass comes in at US$649, which are affordable considering the brand on the headstock. Player Series guitars are made in Fender's Mexico factory and are the replacement for the "Standard" series of Made In Mexico (MIM) guitars.

If you want to add an indie rock guitar vibe to your tracks - think beabadobee (video below), Snail Mail, and Dinosaur Jr - these new offsets are a great place to start.

These new Fender Player Series guitars are available now. To check out full specs, see the entire Player Series Lookbook here, or check the Fender site for more details.



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