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The Jazz Bass Turns 60: Fender Announces Anniversary Model

Break out those wallets and get out of Bitcoin, bassists - Fender just announced a limited edition Jazz Bass to celebrate the model's 60th year.

It comes in Arctic Pearl with a red tortoise pickguard (so jazzy and classy), a pair of Pure Vintage ‘62 pickups, a pair of concentric volume and tone pots to dial in sounds from each pickup, an alder body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, a “U” shaped neck with vintage tall frets and 7.25” radius, and chrome bridge and pickup covers to really bring home that 60s feel.

It also comes with a vintage hardcase with all the documentation and interior details you'd expect from a top shelf commemorative guitar from Fender.

Fender's Jazz Bass has been a staple for decades, and is used by musicians both live and in the studio. It's well-loved by players of all styles, and its popularity is perhaps eclipsed (arguably) only by Fender's own Precision Bass. It's the one question serious bassists have asked at one point in their careers: Is the J-Bass better than a P-Bass?

Our opinion here at LOA: get both 😃

The Fender 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass is available now for US$2199. Check the Fender site for the full specs.



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